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Tawnia Baker – Marla Heasley

Tawnia Baker Played By Marla Heasley

Tawnia Baker – Marla Heasley - The A-TeamTawnia Baker was a friend of Amy Allen, both ladies worked at The Los Angeles Courier Express. While Amy Allen was a part of The A-Team she was getting big profile stories, which in the end got her a promotion to be foreign correspondence for The Los Angeles Courier Express. Before Amy Allen moved she had talked to Tawnia Baker about The A-Team and soon enough Tawnia Baker was taking Amy Allen’s place as the extra member of The A-Team.

Tawnia Baker was introduced to us in the episode The Battle Of Bel-Air. The opening scene see Tawnia Baker being undercover in a security firms build where she was gaining access to Military files on The A-Team. Tawnia soon found out The A-Team were going to be ambushed by the Military and Colonel Decker. After racing to try and save The A-Team they were still ambushed but Hannibal had a plane and soon escaped. Tawnia Baker would soon become the Amy Allen of The A-Team.

Tawnia Baker did not have a nickname like Amy Allen’s ‘Triple A’ but the reason for the characters name ‘Tawnia’ was that the creator of The A-Team Stephen J. Cannell has a daughter call Tawnia Cannell.

Tawnia Baker was only in eleven episodes before she left to get married. Although she only had a short time in The A-Team she carried on the role of the extra fifth member helping The A-Team well.

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