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Lance LeGault – Colonel Decker

Lance LeGault Played Colonel Decker

Lance LeGault – Colonel Decker - The A-TeamBirth Name : Lance LeGault

Date Of Birth : 2nd May 1935

Place Of Birth : Chicago, Illinois, USA

Spouses : Unknown


Lance LeGault is known to millions as Colonel Decker from The A-Team.

Lance LeGault has played many roles over the years in both television and films but one of his first breaks into show business was being a double for Elvis Presley in some of his films.

Prior to The A-Team Lance LeGault had already work with Dirk Benedict in the Legendary Sci-Fi show BattleStar Galactica in three episodes. Lance also had roles in The Rockford Files, The Incredible Hulk, Magnum PI and Knight Rider all before his starring role in The A-Team.

During The A-Team Lance LeGault gave a great performance as Colonel Decker the most successful and well known baddy of The A-Team. Lance stared in The A-Team from seasons two to four and brought a great edge to the chase of The A-Team.

During and after The A-Team Lance stared in Airwolf, MacGyver, Murder She Wrote, Star Trek and in 1992 co-starred in the Legendary show Columbo. Along with a number of films Lance has had a very successful career and is fully deserved place here at Legendary TV.

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